Supratek Cortese Preamp

Supratek Cortese Preamp

The SUPRATEK CORTESE preamplifier is equipped with a state of the art moving coil phono stage designed for low output MC cartridges.  Using a combination of J-fets and EF180, 6H30 tubes to give suitable gain for cartridges as low as 0.2mV with a noise level as good as and surpassing many solid state units.  The design has been refined over many years to be possibly one of the finest MC cartridge tube designs. 

The Supratek Cortese with its all tube zero feedback phono stage has a warmth, transparency and musicality that is just not possible with feedback heavy solid state phonos, that tend to have an “electronic” sound.  It compliments the lush and vivid sound of vinyl. 

It will accomodate MC cartridges from 0.2 mV to 0.5mV , with loading values of 10,100,1000 and 47,000 ohms, or as requested, are available from a back panel mounted switch. 

The line stage of the Cortese is the same as the Chardonnay, using transformer coupling output stage . See the Chardonnay page for more details.

There have been great advances in digital sound in this century, but vinyl still has a wonderfully real and alive sound when used with a tube phono stage of this quality. However your CD’s and digital sources  will also sound completely revitalised and “alive” with the outstanding attributes of the CORTESE’s  linestage.