Cabernet DHT

Supratek DHT Cabernet Preamplifier

Supratek DHT Cabernet Preamplifier

Supratek released the first commercially available Directly Heated Triode preamp back in the early 90’s. It used 101D DHT tubes and was soon followed by a DHT preamp that could use 300B,45 and PX4 tubes.

Today, the Supratek DHT Cabernet uses a 6SN7 driver stage with 300B output tubes, and can also be built with 45 tubes.  

Directly Heated Triodes have a sound that is different from an Indirectly Heated Triode , such as the 6SN7.  They are difficult to engineer as they can be noisy and prone to hum.  However the Supratek design is completely noise free with zero hum and an open and direct sound.

The 300B sound has been described as “gorgeous” with a warm musicality, whilst the 45 are perhaps more accurate and detailed sounding- the choice is yours with the DHT Cabernet.

They are also visually stunning and look like a million dollars! 

Huge power supply , tube shunt regulated, negligible  hum and noise free operation, and adjustable gain control to suit any power amplifier. 

The DHT Cabernet is available in a Dual Version . This enables you to have two seperate and independent output stages , with adjustable gain . Very useful for bi-amping or active speakers.