Supratek Preamp Range

Supratek Chardonnay Preamp Chrome


The Chardonnay is our entry level preamplifier. However its performance far exceeds its cost . The  design of the Chardonnay goes back 30 years and is the basic building block of all the Supratek preamps. Over that period of time it has developed into a preamp that is highly evolved and uses state of the art tube ... Read more
Supratek Cortese Preamp


The SUPRATEK CORTESE preamplifier is equipped with a state of the art moving coil phono stage designed for low output MC cartridges.  Using a combination of J-fets and EF180, 6H30 tubes to give suitable gain for cartridges as low as 0.2mV with a noise level as good as and surpassing many solid state units.  The design has ... Read more
Supratek Cortese LCR Preamp

Cortese LCR

The CORTESE LCR preamp is identical to the Cortese but uses a LCR (Inductance,Capacitive,Resisitive) network in the phono stages RIAA equalistaion network. The expensive custom built Lundahl inductors used in the LCR preamp give a very worthwhile improvement in the phono stages vividness and sense of midrange realism. LCR networks are used in some of the worlds ... Read more
Supratek 6SN7 Cabernet  preamplifier

6SN7 Cabernet

The Supratek 6SN7 Cabernet  preamplifiers are the next step up from the Chardonnay preamp. The 6SN7 Cabernets use expensive output transformers and a modified line stage design. A 6SN7 Cabernet  will transform your listening experience with more precise imaging and soundstaging, a pure natural sound and a presence to the music you will not have heard ... Read more
Supratek DHT Cabernet Preamplifier

Cabernet DHT

Supratek released the first commercially available Directly Heated Triode preamp back in the early 90’s. It used 101D DHT tubes and was soon followed by a DHT preamp that could use 300B,45 and PX4 tubes. Today, the Supratek DHT Cabernet uses a 6SN7 driver stage with 300B output tubes, and can also be built with 45 tubes. ... Read more
Supratek Grange Preamplifier


The Supratek Grange is the finest preamp we can make . Strictly limited release and designed and built for experienced tube enthusiasts who want the finest sound from their vinyl and digital equipment . It comes in two versions – a Signature Grange which comes with 1940’s NOS 6J5 tubes in the line stage  and ... Read more