Hand Built Triode Tube Pre-amplifiers

Reproducing the art of music
using fine craftsmanship

After more than 30 years of designing and building tube based preamplifiers the Supratek preamps are possibly the pinnacle of tube preamp design.


All Supratek products are truly hand-built , usually with custom requirements, with a rigorous inspection procedure observed during construction. The designs used today are the result of many hundreds of built circuits which have been evolved over many years. The latest state of the art technology is combined with timeless classic tube design, to become the basis to build the worlds best preamplifiers on, combining superb sound and stunning aesthetic design.


Handcrafted is the important word- there are hundreds of audio companies around the world building audio equipment, but only a few handbuild from scratch and even fewer have ONE person responsible for the entire operation. And when that person has a perfectionist streak and enormous pride in his work you are guaranteed that the preamplifier you order will be built to a standard that you will not find elsewhere. The world is awash with mass produced, cheap labour, built- to-a price audio equipment. Something that is built in a crowded factory will never attain the class of a product built by a craftsman in an environment attuned to accomplishing a superb build quality with passion and pride.

Available Products

Supratek preamplifiers are NOT built in a production line. Every unit is built entirely by Mick Maloney , is thoroughly tested on both test instruments and in one of my stereo systems. It does not leave the factory unless it is performing flawlessly , and will give many years of faithful service. No more than 25 preamps are built in a year and everyone will become a timeless, classic piece.

Supratek preamps built 20 years ago still hold their value, are eagerly sought and respected in the audio world.

For 2017 I am building these models:


Employs latest state of the art componentry, with cutting edge design. A preamp that does the near impossible in that it does everything well.

Dual Cabernet

Still ahead of it's time after years of production.


Employs the same 6SN7 linestage as Cabernet with the famous Supratek tube phono stage


" The Supratek is the big one. All the usual things are better. But that's not it, really. The major thing is that the Supratek opens a new dimension of participatory intensity. " " Rest assured that if a higher level of musical intensity is what you're after -- which includes improving all the usual attributes (but they're secondary to this!) -- the Supratek Cabernet Dual makes more of a difference than anything I've come across in I-can't-remember how long." " All the other preamps in-house are out of their depths by comparison. It's unfair to even go there. dirt. A premium valve preamp like the Supratek shifts your system into some kind of hyper drive - hyper not for speed but to indicate that you're not traveling in a linear fashion but entering an altogether different zone. All the familiar elements are in that zone but the colors are more intense, the lighting is more dramatic, the differences between small and large are bigger and, most importantly, how you feel about it all is similar to when you first fell

But, what caught me by surprise were the dynamics and pace. Normally, we associate beautiful liquidity with the trade-off of subtly compressed dynamics (or worse) and grudgingly accept that barter, or vacillate back to dynamic concerns and harmonic leanness, only to vacillate back again six months later. Not so with the Syrah. For the first time with an immensely musical preamp, I can play rock with gusto while maintaining all of the above traits. Frankly, I?m still getting used to this fact. Out came Los Lobos' Kiko (WB 26786-2), the Doors' L.A. Woman (Elektra 75011-2), Pretenders, Nirvana, spilling from the shelf and cranked. REM's Chronic Town (-------) cut 'Box Cars' — by the way, the only REM release and only good on vinyl — was downright raw, but, and here?s the shocker, spatially liquid. The bass was no longer punching out from the space on its own to impart that impact, but the snap and thud in my chest was wholly infused with air. Its fast and dynamic without ever falling into that trap of making you rise up to say, "Wow, that's fast." The dynamics never took over because they always remained integrated with the liquid space. The Syrah re-opened musical vistas for me.

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I have been building preamps based on the classic and near perfect preamp tube, the 6SN7, for over 30 years.

This evolved design employs latest state of the art componentry , with cutting edge design that realises a preamp that does the near impossible in that it does everything well. It has all the attributes of "tube" sound in that it sounds real and musical, yet is also accurate and capable of driving any power amplifier. it is fast, yet naturally satisfying. As with all Supratek preamps it is phase coherant, which gives a vast 3D sound with impressive width and depth in the soundstage. Available in pure class A single ended unbalanced or with balanced inputs and outputs.

Also available in DHT version built with your favorite DHT tube.

Dual Cabernet

Appreciated and loved by those who have grasped and realised it's potential.

Still ahead of it's time after years of production.

The Dual Cabernet has two seperate, independent line stages. Both are state of the art designs, one uses two sections of the 6SN7 tube and the other uses one section of the 6SN7 followed by a 6H30 tube.

The obvious use of such a preamp is for bi-amping, most speakers have jumpers between the treble and bass, or mid bass drivers and using seperate amplifiers gives much better control and adjustment of tonality to suit room acoustics and taste.

Dual operation can also be used to control an active subwoofer.

Also available with single 6SN7 line stage as CABERNET, and with DHT tubes if requested


Employs the same 6SN7 linestage as the Cabernet with the famous Supratek tube phono stage.

The Cortese is reborn with a new exciting 6SN7 linestage and retains the famous tube phono stage

Also available with 4P1L DHT line stage if requested